The Answer Lies with Fitz

The question on everybody’s mind is “How good will the Bills be in 2012″? This offseason has been an exciting one to say the least. Nix & Co. have filled glaring holes at positions of extreme need. I’ve read posts on LB being our weakest link….. However, I encourage everybody to do some research on Kirk Morrison, who has had multiple 100 tackle seasons with the Oakland Raiders.

Shawn Merriman, is a question mark in my book. Due to FINALLY getting his surgery with his achilles problem, he should be back at atleast 90% this season. But where will they line him up? The assumption is a hybrid mix between DE/OLB. If Wanny can put him in a Clay Matthews type of role on passing downs, I believe Bills fans will be ecstatic with Merrimans performance in this upcoming season.

Barnett, and Sheppard are the other solidified starters with the likes of Nigel Bradham, and Tank Carder nipping at their heals for playing time. Throw In Arthur Moats, who has been a pleasant surprise, and on paper, the Bills have quality depth in case we lose a starter due to injury.

Our defense will rise into the top 10 this year with the players we have acquired through free agency and the draft. Our offensive Line is the biggest in the NFL, and other teams will have a hard time getting to the QB. Our RB’s in Jackson and Spiller, are one of the best tandems in the league. Our Wr’s, while unproven, are promising and can perform. The one question on this team is QB.

Which QB are we getting for the 2012 season? The confident Fitz who was performing at a high level in the first 6 games of the year, or the inaccurate gunslinger that lead the team down the strech, finishing 6-10 to finish the 2011 season. With the talent on this team as we have now, If he plays like an average QB that should be enough to make it in the playoffs. Our weapons on both sides of the ball are SCARY good. However, if he takes un-necessary chances and turns the ball over like he did last season, it could be the end for the Fitz/Gailey experiment. There are no more excuses. There is a reason QB is the most important position on the field; they can help the team win games, or lose games by themselves.

How good will the Bills be in 2012?…… Fitz is the only one who knows!


Floyd: Smokescreen?

Nix’s history suggests that he doesn’t draft a person in the first 2 rounds unless that person is brought in for a pre-draft visit. Floyd wasn’t brought in, but there is talk that there may be some major interest between the Bills organization and Floyd. Hmmm. Thats a tough one. Could it be that Nix and company want to keep their interest in Floyd under the radar? Or will they try to use him to trade back a few spots in the 1st round? Knowing how Nix doesn’t like to deal with players that have character concerns, I’m thinking it’s a smokescreen.

Michael Floyd has had 3 run ins with the law….. Might I add that they were all alcohol related. Floyd thinks he would be a great fit with the Bills at #10, I have a feeling Nix thinks otherwise. I know he reminds everybody of the next Vincent Jackson, and he could be great in the NFL as long as he keeps his head on straight. The Bills will not be taking any chances this year. They want a sure thing. And Michael Floyd isn’t it. My guess is we grab a shutdown corner like Kirkpatrick or Gilmore to solidify are Defense. Wide out will probably come in the third round.

Matt Kalil possibly slipping to #10

According to Peter King, Matt Kalil might possibly slip to pick # 10 on draft day. Now what is the possibility in that? Id say probably less than a 1% chance. Half of these rumors going around are just that….Rumors. All of the NFL clubs have their boards set, and have their BPA scenerios covered. It’s hard for a player of Kalil’s caliber to slip when he hasn’t played a game in months, is a proven team leader, and has no character concerns. He is going to be an elite left tackle in this league for the next 10 plus years. If he does fall however, Nix better not forget how to spell his name.

Hey all you Buffalo Backers!!

Here is a new Bills and Sabres blog page to keep all you readers occupied in the upcoming future. We are just getting this started so please be patient. I’ll keep you informed of any, and all information regarding our beloved Sabres/Bills. However, the Sabres failed miserably this year, so…… Let’s concentrate our focus on the 2012 Buffalo Bills!!

So let’s get this started…. Who will be getting drafted at #10 on Thursday? CB’s Gilmore/ Kirkpatrick? LB Keuchly? WR Floyd?